For hundreds of years the indigenous Canadians of the areas of Terranova have collected water from the icebergs for their purity and natural healing properties, capturing this pristine natural gift before it is lost to the ocean.

For the last 30 years Edward Kean, a fifth-generation sailor, has been sailing along the North Atlantic to search for ice blocks of tens of meters. The 60-year-old Canadian fisherman Kean sails for 16 hours each day with his Green Waters boat. Once the white giants are spotted, he takes up his rifle, aims and shoots.

But no fancy technology, is needed, at least for now, he uses a satellite map and binoculars, to catch the precious water. If he has managed to break off a few pieces, Kean sails his boat to their feet, and carefully begins to onboard with nets and pulleys the few tons of ice. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but he always gets back out there to continue the hunt.