Every morning at dawn, small groups of expert fishermen set out for the North Atlantic in search of icebergs that have detached themselves from Greendland’s glaciers, the crew sails out to hunt what has become the most prestigious water we can drink: the unfrozen iceberg water.

– Where ? – 

Glacial reserves are invaluable resources, they are also the time capsules from our planet’s purer infancy. Tens of thousands of years ago crystal clear rainwater fell, froze and became preserved in these undisturbed oases. Fortunately we have a small chance to access this unique treasure.

Majestic blocks of ice naturally break away from their glacier. Once these precious icebergs are freed the race against time begins as they start their final journey south.

So our work begins in the vast and freezing waters between Northeastern Canada and Greenland. This is one of the only places in the world where it is possible to find and intercept these floating time capsules before they melt away. Icebergs can take years to cross this channel, however the path and the size of the iceberg are ultimately governed by nature.

– How ? –

The harvesting period only lasts for a few summer months, and even then the process is full of challenges and risks.

While icebergs can be over 100km long, the crew can only attempt to harvest a small portion of what they may encounter. The process of preserving this valuable cargo is a fundamental aspect of this special harvesting process. Securing and hauling tons of ice aboard in the midst of a freezing sea is an unimaginably risky and difficult for the small crew.

– Quality control –

Unfrozen by its nature is a product where the origin is as perfect as you can hope for. The ice has not been touched since it was formed. The water within has never passed through sand or soil layers and has never been in contact with fertilizers, acid rain and modern day pollutants. Typical sanitation, purification and treatment are totally unnecessary for our water.

Additionally the harvested Unfrozen water is regularly checked in independent laboratories that carry out bacteriological analysis to guarantee its purity. As a result we can ensure that Unfrozen will be the purest water you can buy.

– Sustainability –

Iceberg harvesting is carefully monitored and licensed by the Canadian government. Icebergs are naturally released from glaciers and ultimately they are all destined to melt in the oceans, where their pure water dissolves into the salty water. In fact this practice is centuries old and indigenous people have long valued this precious treasure. Following these traditions we want to continue to collect and preserve a small part of this pristine water that we have been given before it is lost forever.