The light and soft taste of Unfrozen is its maximum representation of purity. An echo lost world and chance to re-educate our palettes in simple untainted pleasures.

Water, is the sum of its parts: the origin, treatments and chemical composition all affect the taste. Water without mineral salts, has been shown to have a specific flavour. In Unfrozen you will enjoy the benefits of a very pure composition untainted by chemicals and pollutants.

Idro-sommeliers are experts in tasting and understanding the qualities of water. They observe water to see if it is crystalline or transparent, and they smell it to see if it has a defect in preservation. Learning to appreciate this delicate flavour profile is similar to studying other fine wines and spirits. As with other drinks, the perception of the taste of water depends on what we ate before. So, after eating something very sweet or very salty, water will seem more bitter to us, while after an acidic food, it will seem sweeter.

Unfrozen water is a sublime drink on its own, but it can also be combined with other premium products. It becomes the perfect complement to other ingredients with delicate and subtle flavours. Imagine the taste of a superior whiskey with an Unfrozen ice cube in it, you would obtain the cool purity of the ice cube without tainting the whiskey’s flavour.