Unfrozen Water

A precious water with a light and soft flavor. Synonymous with good taste, sensitivity and intelligence. The low mineral content and the total absence of pollutants make it the healthiest water you can obtain on the planet.

Every bottle of Unfrozen is a moment in time rescued. A sip of crystal clear nectar from another era. The world’s purest resource elegantly shared with you to be savored and treasured.

Flavor Of The Water

The light and soft taste of Unfrozen is its maximum representation of purity. An echo of a lost world and chance to re-educate our palettes in simple untainted pleasures.

Water, is the sum of its parts: the origin, treatments and chemical composition all affect the taste. Water without mineral salts, has been shown to have a specific flavour. In Unfrozen you will enjoy the benefits of a very pure composition untainted by chemicals and pollutants.


Every morning at dawn, small groups of expert fishermen set out for the North Atlantic in search of icebergs that have detached themselves from Greendland’s glaciers, the crew sails out to hunt what has become the most prestigious water we can drink: the unfrozen iceberg water.

Glacial reserves are invaluable resources, they are also the time capsules from our planet’s purer infancy. Tens of thousands of years ago crystal clear rainwater fell, froze and became preserved in these undisturbed oases. Fortunately we have a small chance to access this unique treasure.

Iceberg Hunter

For hundreds of years the indigenous Canadians of the areas of Terranova have collected water from the icebergs for their purity and natural healing properties, capturing this pristine natural gift before it is lost to the ocean.

For the last 30 years Edward Kean, a fifth-generation sailor, has been sailing along the North Atlantic to search for ice blocks of tens of meters. The 60-year-old Canadian fisherman Kean sails for 16 hours each day with his Green Waters boat. Once the white giants are spotted, he takes up his rifle, aims and shoots.

Iceberg Revealed

Some interesting icebergs facts from the book of Dr. Stephen Bruneau, Icebergs of Newfoundland and Labrador, available from Flanker Press.

The 90% of icebergs seen off Newfoundland and Labrador come from the
glaciers of western Greenland. The rest come from glaciers on islands in
Canada’s Arctic area.